Your Big Vision

Your Next Renaissance: FREE Mini Workshop to launch a new you (after baby)


Day 1: Find Your Medicine

Day 2: Your Big Vision

Day 3: Who Complements You

Day 4: Plan Your Path


Here we go!


As promised, today’s step is going to be much shorter than yesterday. But everything you prepared yesterday will set you up for today. If you missed yesterday’s practice, then GO HERE.

Grab your earphones (if needed). Today you will be guided through an audio visualization.  

You have words. You have an understanding of your values, your desires, and the needs you need to be met as you step into your next big thing.



Are you ready to get started?


Set aside 10-30 minutes for this next step.


You can choose to do this next step manually or simply listen to the recording.


Remember: Both require your imagination.


If you do this manually, you might want to set aside 30 minutes. Go over to pinterest. As you go through each prompt/question below find an appropriate image. Something you feel matches the prompt. In the description of the image write out your response to the questions or whatever comes to mind.


If you do this using the recorded visualization, then all you need is a quiet place and your imagination. This one will allow images to pop up in your head that you may never have expected.


Feel free to do both.


Find your quiet, comfortable place to sit.


Closing your eyes will really help you imagine what your next step is going to be.


Close your eyes and take long, slow, deep breaths in and out of your nose.


Let it flow easily in and out.


Remember your desires, your needs.


What is it that you desire?


What would following your desires and fulfilling your needs look like?


How would you feel?


What would you see?


Who would be around you?


What would they be saying to you?


What would you be talking about?


What would you be wearing?


Where would you be going?


Where would you be living?


When would you wake up?


When would you sleep?


When your desires and needs are being met who is calling you?


What are they inviting you to do?


What do they believe about you?


Who else believes this about you?


How are they spreading this message about you?


What kind of opportunities arise from these messages?


How do you respond to these opportunities when your needs and desires are being met?


How do these opportunities feel?


What do you feel about your self?


How is that matching what others feel and believe about you?


What have you already done to prepare for these opportunities?


What in your life story makes this opportunity perfect for you?


What else do you need to do to make this happen?


Who is surrounding you?


Who is supporting you in fulfilling your desires and needs?


How are they making you feel?


What do you always tell yourself to acknowledge that that support is always there?


What do you know to be true?


How do you feel?


Sit in that feeling for a moment with your eyes still closed and when you’re ready slowly start to take a few deep breaths, then release.


And when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.


Try to use this visualization as often as possible as you are launching into this new chapter of your life.



Did anything new come up for you? If you would like to share, I would love to hear your thoughts. Head over to the dedicated Birth to Birth | Your Next Facebook group to share any thoughts. There will also be more resources that I only share there, so keep an eye out.



Are there friends in your circle seeking their own renaissance after children? Do you know birth or body workers who want to expand their voice, find new ways to serve women as they become mothers?


They are more than welcomed to take part.


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In tomorrow’s step Who Complements You (#3 of 4) to figure out who is going to join you in your next big thing. Hint: Strangers, imaginary friends, and family are going to propel you forward.