Who Complements You

Your Next Renaissance: FREE Mini Workshop to Launch A New You (after baby)


Day 1: Find Your Medicine

Day 2: Your Big Vision

Day 3: Who Complements You

Day 4: Plan Your Path 


You have already looked at what you offer the world. What your values, needs, desires are. You’ve visualized what the next step is going to feel and look like.


Now, you will see which archetypes you need around you to make it all happen.



Yippie Yeah!



This is what my daughter says whenever she gets something she desires.


I recently took her to a ballet IN THE NIGHT. Being out in the night is a big deal for her. On the way there she was almost asleep, but after the first act she was full of excitement. She asked if there would be another “episode” after the break. When I said yes, she yelled “Yippie Yeah!”


I try to make dates with her, and knew music and performance is big for her. They trigger special feelings for her. Things that she doesn’t always have access to in the everyday.


Last time I took her to a William Forsythe contemporary ballet and at one point I looked over and she was on her feet in tears. She was 5 years old. I asked her why she was crying. She said “Because it’s so beautiful”. There were no tutus or typical ballet scenery, but something a little deeper reached her. Something magical. She gasps at seeing the dancers “fly”.


Another time we were watching a long film documenting the making of an airplane. There was music composed with experimental stringed instruments. Again, I looked over and she was in tears. I asked why and she said “I don’t know, I think it’s because the music is so beautiful.” I thought so too.


It impressed me how these emotions tell me so much about what she loves. Following her feelings, lead me to know something more about her desires. Her desires tell me something about what she loves to do. After the last ballet she commented on how the male dancers have to keep practices to “fly”. How the orchestra has to practice to learn all of the pieces. And she said “they are doing exactly what I do when I practice piano. The ones I practice are really easy.”


Hahah. I love it.


Now this was all her analysis. I had no idea what she was registering. The associations she was making.


What did this tell me?


That we need people around us who know what moves us. What drives us. What inspires us. And simply, what FEELS GOOD.


What makes us feel our BEST. What unleashes our best selves.


The more people around us who know these things, the more opportunities we will have to find and DO our next best thing.



How do you know who will support you? Who will inspire you?


A good way to know is to know that they are doing their own thing. If they are exploring. If they are positive. If you know they LOVE who you are. If they believe in you. If they are sending things your way that fit into your vision.


This might even be strangers who are also on a similar path. Online communities.


OR strangers that can help you build an alter ego. Another Beyonce example: She is normally shy and reserved, but on stage she becomes her alter ego SASHA FIERCE! I love it. Who can be your alter ego that supports you in enter your new Renaissance with intent?


Someone from another era? A goddess or mythological figure?


Any character that matches your vision of yourself when all of your values, needs, desires are being fully met.





This isn’t going to be a long step, but you’ll need to get out your mind mapping tools. Big piece of paper and pins. OR one of my favorites… you guessed it: PINTEREST!


One of my dear friends is a visionary and environments designer (you’ll hear more from her if you keep in touch) she shares Pinterest board with me where she pins a collection of highly desired living spaces. Usually open spaces, tree houses, homes on cliffs and extreme nature. Whatever she comes across that inspires her.


Now what we are going to do is create a board with ARCHETYPES.


Think about who you ideally need around you to help you flourish in your next big thing.


Do you need a teacher? Do you need a guru? Do you need a diva? Do you need a loving partner? Do you need someone who is adventurous? Do you need someone who speaks many languages? Do you need a business coach? Do you need a circle of specific friends? Do you need a big community of women? Do you need elders? Do you need a professional network? Do you need like-minded parents? Do you need childcare? Do you need a healer? Who else do you need? Desire to be around you?


Now as you find these archetypes, find an image on pinterest that reminds you of that character. In the description write out a short sentence or two about what role they play for you.


Next, create a character that represents your own alter ego. This can be a combination of all the people and traits you identified above.

Did I mention Beyoncé?

She said once that she has always been a disciplined, yet shy and reserved, person in private, so onstage she has to go into character by calling on her alter ego Sasha Fierce. 

Sasha Fierce is sultry, bold, extravagant, vocal, uninhibited, and grandiose.

All the things that Beyoncé needs to be a dynamic artist who is easily able to showcase her extraordinary talents as a performer in front of millions of eyes.

Another way to do this is to choose several real people or archetypes and combine their personalities/achievements/characteristics into one person and give that person a name.  Or simply find one real person or character that embodies who you need/want to be. For example: Steve Jobs, Toni Morrison, or Jane Goodall.


What character traits do you need/want to summon to achieve your goals or your renaissance?

Do you need to be confident, eloquent, disciplined, creative, calm, humorous, light, talkative, pensive, illustrious?


In the description write out the qualities of the archetype that you want to connect to and embody as you step into your next thing.


This one exercise is going to be amazing.


You can always come back to this board to remind yourself of who you need in your immediate environment.



Did anything new come up for you? If you would like to share, I would love to hear your thoughts. Head over to the dedicated Birth to Birth | Your Next Renaissance Facebook group to share any thoughts. There will also be more resources that I only share there, so keep an eye out.



Are there friends in your circle seeking their own renaissance after children? Do you know birth or body workers who want to expand their voice, find new ways to serve women as they become mothers?


They are more than welcomed to take part.


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In tomorrow’s step Plan Your Path Forward (#4 of 4) you are going to map out the logistics. Hint: Everything you need is out there to help you make your next chapter real. Don’t miss the last day!