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B-School is an 8-week online video-based training program with lifetime access to the material, annual live runs of the program, and the most resourceful, engaged and caring communities I’ve ever come across online. The whole environment and ethos was the key to making it possible to create ethical streams of income around what I was already happily investing so much of my energy into.


Why was that important?

Because we all know that when we’re investing our lives in work without any income to show for it there are always pressures steering us away from this work.

Becoming a mother, my visions were pulling me in new directions. Probably like you, I didn’t want money and time limits to prohibit me from making long term choices that impact the adventurousness I’ve always assumed I would expose my future children to. The mentorship, tools, and examples I accessed in B-School was a key ingredient in making my vision for work and life a viable reality.


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Working for someone else with very little time is familiar to most of us, but here’s the truth: When you have children, your priorities can really change. You want to actually enjoy the little time you have together during their childhood. Time flies. It’s Precious. AND you also want to feel fulfilled in your own life. Finding a work-life balance is not only a desire, it’s a necessity!

There are some big questions that trigger a need for us to shift course in our careers.


What awaits you after your maternity (or paternity) leave is up?

In the best case scenario we have both maternity and paternity leave. Sometimes we are on our own, but this time is meant for us to adjust to being new parents. It’s usually too short. The trade-off is sometimes damaging to our relationships because we don’t have that opportunity to build a strong foundation from the beginning. Sometimes we are just looking for a career structure that allows us to make a personal impact in the world that is fulfilling, but we also want to have time to meaningfully contribute to growing our families with intention.


Are you already back to work, but missing your child’s most precious milestones?

The pressures of surviving financially make being at work more than with our children a necessity, not always a choice. 


Would you love to travel more to expand your own horizon while being location independent?

We usually start our families with visions of maintaining our own sense of adventurousness and sharing that with our children. We dream of having a choice in the design of our lives, but some practicalities make this seem like an insurmountable challenge.


Do you have hobbies, projects, even websites that might as well be your work, but you haven’t declared it yet?

I won’t pretend to know everything about you, but I do know that everyone (yes, including parents) come with a spectrum of experiences, expertise and practices that make us feel fulfilled. When we’re at that turning point where we know we need a big change to meet our changing priorities, we often end up creating what might as well be an enterprise or platform to share our messages with the world.

But most of us don’t know how to create a sustainable business from that.

This was my story and those of new parents I’ve met all over the world.


The game-changer for me was Marie Forleo’s B-School


When I came across Marie Forleo’s B-School the other pieces fell into place.

This calling really could be my work. No, not just investing all of my time collecting, posting, organizing events, sharing information or inspiration, interviewing, attending births. This had been underway for years.  I mean, I could continue doing what I already love to do, but use a tested system to build a profitable platform.

Marie has an ethic and approach to business that is special. It’s compassionate. Straight forward. Actionable. And importantly, it’s effective. Online and off it has had a great impact on the strategy and momentum with which I built my own platform and business.




In front of my eyes, I’ve joined a culture of supporting others in growing their voice, honing their message, sharing their gifts, then seeing them in tears as they announce their final student loan payment, a first 6-figure year, a first 5-figure week, a book release, a first TED talk. And hundreds of supportive comments encouraging you from wherever your starting point is. Or that one comment or response that was worth a hundred.

Here’s just one example:

bschool win KLbschool win KL pt. 2


Of course anyone wondering how to get from vision to income will benefit from B-School. But the importance for new parents anywhere in the world figuring out their next step in life after starting a new family is huge. The core curriculum has been successfully applied to all industries, including health, wellness, art, design, business-to-business fields, and even metaphysical professions.


Those central concepts I used to associate with business or brands started to fall away.

“Competition” was a big one.

When you build your work in an environment where others are operating on the premise that you have your own thing to offer the world that no one else has, then you will always have the best chance of being YOU. Your job is to best communicate your own thing. Your medicine. What you are best at healing. At solving.


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Get a taste of B-School with these FREE training videos.

Get something to take notes, they are very actionable.

 Video #1: Fuel Higher Profits with Higher Purpose.

6 Pillars of a Successful Online Business

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.30.49 AM

Video #2: 13 Keys to turn browsers into buyers.

Dirty Little Secret & 13 Keys

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.27.47 AM

Video #3: Are these common excuses stalling your success?

Behind The Scenes & Case Studies

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.36.47 AM

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B-School Core Curriculum

Having access to a well-designed, easy to follow program helps you build:


Module 1 – Profit Clarity: Refining your work (your calling) and knowing what others would love to pay you to continue to put out into the world.


Module 2 – Website: Building a functional online platform to make your work, your aesthetics, your message known. Building your virtual house. Where you host conversations and rituals and offerings to make your circles feel welcomed, engaged, and inspired.


Module 3 –  Communication: Using language to regularly reach the people who benefit from your work. Talking about it in ways that feel easy and honest.


Module 4 – List Building: Reaching more people in the world who are actively looking for exactly what you have to share and offer.


Module 5 – Offering: Creating desirable experiences, information, and products that serve all the people who are interesting in your work. And knowing what you would be delighted to give away for free and what to deliver for money. Without guilt or uncertainty.


Module 6 – Marketing: Building honest connections and exchanges with people to demonstrate how you want to serve others. If you, like me, never really got the term “marketing”, if it seemed vague or misleading, this module introduces ethical and effective approaches to a modern marketing. In the B-School Experience you will come to see what my friend Dayna House means when she describes marketing as, “how you show up in the world to build relationships with the people you serve.” This is where you will find those systems and platforms of engagement to see all of your work come to fruition. With intention and meaning. Finding your own art of using words to meaningfully communicate what you do.


Additional Bonuses & Training:

3 In-Depth Tech Trainings to structure and set up your website

Marketing for Product-based Businesses

Making Your Website Convert

Social Media Training for Business

Media & PR Training

Legal Set-up for Business 101

Systems, Teams, & Massive Productivity


How The Program Works

  • Starting off B-School training is released over 8 weeks in weekly modules, with lifetime access to repeat whenever you wish.
  • Includes two full weeks of implementation where you don’t get any new material.
  • Live group coaching once a week where you can call or write in and get one-on-one advice from Marie on your specific brand/business/work/calling. She walks members through the program, answers specific questions and offers strategic advice. If your question is not heard, there are FAQs from previous years and you will be able to ask for help in my private group (if you sign up to B-School using my link)
  • All of the material is downloadable as MP3s, viewable as videos in a well- organized private members area.


The whole program is very practical for you if you are a busy parent on the run. Usually, I would download the MP3s and listen to the calls on my iPod while strolling with Giacomo (when he was a tinier baby) or on my bike cycling with the kids through the city.

It was the most inspiring, interactive, resourceful, actionable “radio show” EVER.

You will hear (mostly) women call in from all around the world, in all kinds of industries, from beginners to 6-7 figure veterans. All with a calling. And a need for a new direction. All willing to be open. To share their corner of the expert spectrum. And honesty. Everyone raves about the value they’ve gotten, whether it’s financial or lifestyle clarity. Even those who are years along in their businesses. From the robust core program to the community with an ethic of support.

A remarkable part of this experience that is second to none is a Customer Happiness Team that puts most to shame. They are part of the whole experience, supporting the whole community as it grows.

The program is the solid foundation. The robust global community of other inspired, heart-centered, smart, encouraging, determined (mostly) the program attracts are also part of the 13,000 B-School Alum are on a similar path. They show a genuine interest in growing together. We support each other in highlighting our strengths and using the B-School core program to expand on them.


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(Only available when you sign up to B-School using this Birth to Birth Partner link)

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Please view details of the exceptional support & bonuses I offer you when you sign up for Marie Forleo’s B-School through my partner link.


When you sign up to B-School through my BIRTH TO BIRTH Partner link, I receive a commission. The compensation allows me the time and creativity to dedicate myself to providing you exceptional support in this experience. I am also honored to offer you additional bonuses that I know will particularly benefit new mothers (+ those who support them) beyond what is contained in the B-School 6-Module core curriculum.

If you have any questions, write me an email. I respond to every one personally:

camalo [at] birthtobirth.com


Enroll in B-School and claim your bonuses with me by clicking the button below.




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