Welcome Launch A New You

Your Next Renaissance| FREE Mini Workshop to Launch A New You (after baby)


Day 1: Find Your Medicine

Day 2: Your Big Vision

Day 3: Who Complements You

Day 4: Plan Your Path


Welcome to the Your Next Renaissance Mini-Workshop!

Over the next 4 days you will get one email each day in your inbox with a simple activity. Day 1 will be the longest step, but this will set you up for success in all the other steps.


Make sure you set aside 15-30 minutes to dedicate your creativity to each assignment. If you need longer, no problem. The more you put into it, the more exciting the results.


I promise the more imaginative you are, the more prepared you will be for your next BIG SHIFT in your life, in your career, in the world (after baby).


If for any reason your ideas aren’t flowing or you want to workshop with others, come on over to our private Birth To Birth | Your Next Renaissance (After Baby) Facebook Group. As you join the workshop, look out for a special invite in your inbox to join the group.  


Everyone here will be mapping out their own renaissance in a space specifically dedicated to this process.


Beyond that …


You will have access to other complementary material, inspiring interviews, and resources that are only posted in the group.


Everything curated just for you to launch into your next thing after becoming mothers


or as you re-imagine your work serving mothers.



What you’ll need:


1) YOU – Just show up! Be prepared to be imaginative and focused.


2) Pinterest or Big piece of paper and something to write with.


If you’re more into working online, you can use Pinterest to pin images and write out descriptions to organize your thoughts.


If you are short on time or prefer audio recordings you can speak out your thoughts using an app on your phone. [When I’m on the go with my son + daughter, this is great when I need to save a thought or idea.] Then you can go back to Pinterest later to update your board.


You know yourself best. Find what works for you. There’s no wrong way to do this.


If you haven’t already, go on over to birthtobirth.com to make sure you’re on the list.


Our muses use the list as a channel to deliver your next big inspiration.


Are there friends in your circle seeking their own renaissance after children? Do you know birth or body workers who want to expand their voice and find new ways to serve women as they become mothers?


They are more than welcomed to take part in this big shift.


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In tomorrow’s step  Find Your Medicine (#1 of 4) you are going  to figure out exactly what you want and need to be fulfilled. Hint: you will be surprised by where you have been placing all the focus.