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Your Next Renaissance: FREE Mini Workshop to launch a new you (after baby)


Day 1: Find Your Medicine

Day 2: Your Big Vision

Day 3: Who Complements You

Day 4: Plan Your Path



This is it! The last step in the workshop.


This is where everything turns to ACTION.


You have already looked at what you offer the world. What your values, needs, desires are. You’ve visualized what the next step is going to feel and look like. You know which archetypes you need around you.


Now get ready to create an intentional to do list.



As you might guess from the snippets of my own story that I share, my friends come from all over the place. I remember reading books for watching tv shows when I was kid. The shows usually had kids with a fixed circle of friends. Everyone knew each other so there was this central story.


Well, when I grew up most of my friends had never met my other friends. I don’t know if it would have made sense for all of them be with each other all the time. But each friend engaged me in a very specific way. I had one friend who I alway thought was a genius. She was very good at math, science, languages, and even applied to work on business strategy for a multinational when she was, LIKE, 15! I was a little nerdy too, but I just stayed up all night and learned things through trial and error. I didn’t always have lightening thoughts, but slow unfurling ones.


Another best friend was also vegetarian (that was not well known in our kids groups). So this was something we both discovered seperately for ourselves and bonded over that. We were also pen pals and shared poetry and visions of our futures in some distant big city being culture makers.


Another childhood friend was constantly diving into metaphysics or philosopy or lyrical music with some social justice agenda.


Yet another was a painter, introverted, but obsessed with designer fashion.


Growing older I met more and more people who magnified some part of me. But none of them lived in the same place, so I would usually have one side of me get more attention depending on who I was spending more time with.


At one point I would have dinner parties to bring people together. To have these things merge more often with other people.


This is one of my needs. And a desire. A value of mine to always be open for learning and new engagement.



When I launched my new website, I imagined it being my virtual home. I would find ways invite in the interactions from different inspirations in my life.


For me, this is a liberating structure to support living my own new thing. My purpose.


You have gone through all of these steps and pretty much know what you want to do next.


Now here’s your assignment.




Think about what kind of structures you need in place to make your next big thing possible.


Go back to your values. Your desires. Your needs.


Is it a website to house your ideas? Is it a blog to get your voice out? Is it a program or class to help you learn a specific skill? Is it an application or registration to join a community? Is it a passport? Is it a plane ticket? Is it health or travel insurance? Is it an appointment with a clinic or expert? Is it a special account? Do you need money? If so, how much? Do you need to do some research? How much time are you going to dedicate to this?


Go back into your Pinterest board and pin one image for each thing you need to really GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!


Once you’ve finished this you’ve made a MASSIVE stride toward unveiling your next chapter.


A new you. Where intention meets action.


You have YOUR own map.


This has been such an AMAAAAZING time for me. Behind the scenes I had a few mishaps with technology, flat bike tires, and toy injuries. We all have our interruptions, but they are usually full of great information.



Let’s stay in touch. I would love that.


And KEEP YOUR EARS ALERT, EYES OPEN, I have more coming up to support you on this new journey. We’re in this together!


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