Path to the Immersion


Over the last several years, since my first child was born in 2008, I’ve been reflecting and drawing on the insights I learned from my own birth to share with women and their partners who were seeking guidance. The deeper I went the more research I uncovered to support and expand on my own findings. I’ve travelled to different parts of the world to meet some of the most committed midwives, doctors, and doulas working to improve childbirth experience globally. The more I read and researched, the more committed I became to understanding how exactly human childbirth works.

With utter fascination, I completed a Human Physiology course through Duke University’s Medical School Cell Biology department and received a certificate of distinction for my participation. I co-founded the Fearless Birth California film festival and fund for providing childbirth choices to all families. Through Developing Doulas UK organization, I joined a network of passionate birth workers. I was introduced to the work of legendary obstetrician Dr. Michel Odent, which has significantly expanded our knowledge of childbirth and primal health.  After being invited to to speak with him in person, I decided to study with him in his Paramana Doula sessions. is a  platform for becoming mothers. My hope is  to bring thought, curated resources and inspiration to women (and those who love them) – wherever they are.  The underlying themes of my work are birth, mobility, and the importance of being wild.


The purpose of Birth to Birth Immersion, in general, is to shed light on the most beneficial childbirth practices and to ensure that they are globally available for coming generations of mothers and their partners. The success of this course would bring about one of my philanthropic dreams of establishing a postgraduate grant to expand research and scholarship around global (and historical) birth practice.


This immersion is also a practice to ritualize the most beneficial childbirth knowledge we do have access to, to shift the broader birth narrative everywhere. I hope this shift  reflect more optimal birth legacies for generations to come. The name of my platform, Birth to Birth, illustrates this legacy and aims to improve the collective memory of birthing our children, and the birth of new mothers and fathers.