Maps to Mammas New Moon Webinar Replay 1

Maps to Mammas – A Contemporary Birth Prep Experience


This whirlwind few weeks has seen me wearing all of my hats.  Healer-Mamma. Bureaucratic Poet. Mechanic of Disobedient Technology.





Now that all the programs and applications are on speaking terms, and my daughter’s finger is on the mend after a collision with a mini meteorite (ouch!), I can finally take the time to

THANK YOU personally, from my heart, for registering for the Maps to Mammas webinar.

I know the internet universe is massive and you could be exploring any corner of it.

It was such a celebration to see your interest in signing up and to know I’m reaching someone who is seeking something I find so exciting to share.

Real stories and creative assignments that we all can use to step into our own unique pregnancies and births feeling inspired & confident!


saturnine archaeology jorge de la garza

The Saturnine Archaeology, by my friend Jorge de la Garza, is a beautiful image I used to help remind me of my own unique vision of an inspired and confident birth. Something that reminded me of my unique contours. Do you have images, sounds, music, scents, stories that you look to for inspirations in your life or pregnancy?


Despite some stubborn technology glitches, I was so moved to receive responses that the stories and assignments I shared in the webinar were

“Very inspiring and useful!”

and it meant the world to me to hear that some inspired mammas related to the experience I shared and were

“Very thankful for it!”

I know that not everyone had the chance to watch it live – either because of the tech, time zone or your Mamma-On-Fire schedule, so I’ve recorded a glitch-free replay just for you!

Get ready to take notes or journal, then click below to watch your special replay (with some extras that I didn’t include in the live webinar).



At the end of the video, I set aside some personalized Q&A time. Since the console is no longer active, I would love to hear what’s on YOUR mind.

Just send me an email at camalo [at] to write out your thoughts and questions. I love responding to your questions or comments personally.

Do you have any other mammas (or even pappas-to-be) in your circle? This might be something they’ve been looking for.

If you like what you see, please share it with anyone else you think it would serve!
Again, so honored to have you here and can’t wait to engage more.



PS. And stay tuned… I’m working on much more content and resources on birth, mobility and the importance of being wild!

PPS. In the Maps to Mammas webinar I mention a link to cover more and to go deeper into some of the assignments in the webinar. Here’s that link in case you have already seen the webinar and are interested in checking out the course: AND if you have any questions, you can always drop me a line at camalo [at]


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