Birth to Birth Immersion is a 5-stage transformative experience & contemporary birth planning course designed to help you step into pregnancy, birth and motherhood with intention, poise and confidence.



How? By giving you actionable assignments, posing the most essential questions, sharing well-researched and inspiring resources, storytelling based on experience, and giving support that matters.



  • Knowing what your core aspirations are in bringing your child into the world.
  • Knowing who else should be at center of this experience
  • Knowing how this experience should be led.
  • Being at ease with the people who surround you.
  • Being at ease with the people who are making the final decisions in your birth.
  • Having a clear vision of all the details, decisions and experience that will follow.
  • Being able to see what has the most meaning for you
  • Knowing that you will be at ease and feel supported with the outcome of your pregnancy and birth.
  • Knowing that your timing is perfect.
  • Having the poise and confidence to communicate exactly what you desire
  • Having access to information that inspires you.
  • Being surrounded by people that support your vision
  • Knowing how to be present and intentional throughout your pregnancy.
  • Building a stronger bond with your partner.
  • Creating a special pact that both you and your partner are re-invigorated by
  • Finding the structure that position you for the outcomes you desire
  • Having a system to apply to all of the transformation that happen around conceiving, pregnancy, and birth.
  • Having access to some of the best birth resources globally


Digging Deep. Taking Action. Making Changes. Approaching Pregnancy

with ease and confidence.

Birth to Birth Immersion will help you experience YOUR ideal pregnancy and birth by going through a process and making decisions that are relevant to you. This is a very UNIQUE experience. It was designed with a clear purpose in mind.


Take a closer look at how it all works:

BIRTH to BIRTH shifts the emphasis of birth preparation by creating a method that uncovers and focuses on your individualized experiences. This method flourishes from both experience and research that shows that individual histories and environment impact birth outcomes. Birth to Birth provides support and a unique community to map out personalized strategies and take actions towards *your* ideal outcomes. Each week for 5 weeks, we will cover a different confidence and clarity building topic. Through stories and resources, you will understand how to move through each module. By choosing the path appropriate for you, you will either work through the assignments (motions) on your own or you will have my personal support to go deeper. Either path you take, within the framework of the module, you will work on individual objectives throughout each week that move you closer to visualizing, planning and positioning yourself for an ideal pregnancy and birth experience; securing a sense of confidence and serenity; and strengthening the relationships around you as you step into the world of parenthood.

Of course every mamma is unique, every partnership is unique and no pregnancy is the same. That’s why I’m inviting you to say yes to the option that best aligns with *you*.

Self Guided Package

This includes: Lifetime access to all Birth to Birth immersions, exclusive community, private online group with personal support from me, including updates & revisions


Premium Care Package

This includes: Lifetime access to all Birth To Birth Immersions, exclusive community, private online group with personal support from me, including updates & revisions. Additional:  1-0n-1 weekly mentorship call, special group workshops relevant to you, and personal coaching and guidance as you go through the stages of the course. When you show up and bring your creativity to the process, you will have more confidence and clarity around every decision you make throughout your pregnancy, birth and as you emerge with your partner into mammahood.


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This experience IS for you if:

You are considering getting pregnant OR you are pregnant and ready to figure out *your* best way forward.

You want to engage with a community of imaginative women in a contemporary setting.

You want access to resources, experts and community that you may not be able to find locally.

You want access to information from the most committed and inspired experts in the field of childbirth.

You want to engage with someone who has been in your shoes (or maternity jeans -_^) and is committed to sharing inspiring lessons.

You want current childbirth information that is relevant and evidence-based.

You are ready to apply your creativity to building a foundation for  your pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

You are ready to map out your ideal path to birth and mammahood.

You are looking for a place to get dynamic, and supportive feedback.

You want to meaningfully find a place for your partner on this journey.

You want to effectively  and compassionately delegate the right supportive roles for your relatives, in-laws, and friends (AND know exactly how to do that).

You are ready to open up new channels of communication

You are ready to dig deep and storytell.

You are interested in meaningfully engaging and sharing with a special community of women and their partners.

You are ready to create a stronger bond with your partner.

You are ready to see yourself as a leader in this experience.

You want to make confident, informed decisions so that you’re not overwhelmed by everyone else’s input.

You want to choose practitioners and health care professionals that support YOUR ideal experience.

You want to figure out how to effectively plan and manage the bureaucratic details.

You’re ready to figure out what exactly your ideal experience is.

You want more than a class, you want an experience that grows with you.

You are seeking an experience with rituals, storytelling, visioning, and evidence-based guidance.

You want to release your anxieties about your birth outcome.

You hope to witness and ENJOY your pregnancy and birth experience.


This experience is probably NOT for you if:


You are not interested or ready to actively apply the content to your life.

You are skeptical and only want to listen in, but not be active.

You are not willing to challenge yourself and try new approaches.

You are not ready to be flexible and apply your creativity to the lessons.

You are only in search of practical information and not an experience with rituals, storytelling, visioning, and evidence-based guidance.


There are many programs and classes out there where you can find tons of information about what to eat and what not to eat, the anatomy and stages of birth, but while the core concept of this course are based on evidence that shows the relationship between birth physiology function and mindset, the BIRTH to BIRTH Immersion goes beyond this and focuses on how your mindset plays a HUGE role in how you experience pregnancy and birth and what your outcomes can be. This experience is steeped in the benefits of approaching your pregnancy and birth with imagination and intention.

We lead contemporary lifestyles. Sometimes that means that our pregnancy seems spontaneous. Sometimes that means we’ve been trying, but our focus has been split by a million other obligations. We need something to bring us deeper into this experience. A type of bond or ceremony for us to set our sights and intentions on where this pregnancy will lead us to next.

This is a contemporary experience to help us feel present, inspired and intentional in our pregnancy. An amazing momentum to enter into life as a mamma.

I work with women to plan their births with imagination, ritual, storytelling, and confidence. 

(Oh, and sound information)

My clients are smart, creative and resourceful, but their focus hasn’t always been on preparing for childbirth. In their other passions + work, they are the go-to person for solutions and inspiration. Naturally, they start to figure out what their prenatal options are early, and even take a few classes.  SO much information is out there, but not much in the way of  setting out how to navigate through all the contours and unknowns of pregnancy with imagination, solid information, confidence and clarity.

So, when they stumble upon me they are usually looking for someone who applies this same passion and commitment to finding the information that both fits and inspires them.  They need someone to help them map out what’s ahead and position them so that they get as close to their ideal experience as possible.

It’s clear to them that this is a big life transition, so they want more than the usual prenatal classes and how-to guides. They want to enter a clear process to prepare them for this BIG rite of passage.

They are seeking an experience in the way of  setting out how to navigate through all the contours and unknowns of pregnancy with imagination, solid information, confidence and clarity.

I know, the overwhelm sometimes overshadows the AMAZEMENT of growing a new being.

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You are either planning to get pregnant, you are planning to announce,  or you’ve announced your pregnancy and everyone has advice for you. You would like to focus and make informed decisions that make sense for you.
  • You wake up realizing you’re pregnant but the time is flying by, but there’s so much to get done. You haven’t yet grasped everything there is to consider.
  • You know your gorgeous little baby will arrive and you’ll figure things out, but your ideal would be to have some meaningful, beautifully designed (you LOVE creativity), innovative, soulful, reliable guidance.
  • You and your partner are also friends, you both are emotionally intelligent, and (while you are experiencing the most obvious physiological shifts), you both are entering a big unknown.  So, you want something that speaks to both of you.
  • You have a lot of knowledge, but you’ve never been through this pregnancy or childbirth experience.
  • You have found lots of information, but you don’t necessarily feel more confident.
  • You sense there are a few things you need to work through before you are really ready for giving birth.  You know it would be great to find something that holds that space for you to become informed and build your confidence.
  • You feel like you don’t want to just be thrust into a random group just because it’s targeting pregnant women. (Because you know there are so many ways to approach this, but not every way is for *you*)
  • Being pregnant brings up a lot of new questions and emotions, so you are seeking to work with someone who understands that, while inspiring your confidence in this experience.
  • You would love to find someone who breaks it all down, gives you actionable steps and point you in a direction that is relevant to you.
  • You are someone who usually makes thoughtful lifestyle choices, some of which many would consider to be ‘out of the box’, so you are looking for prenatal guidance that applauds and fits your standards.

Most likely, you are no stranger to initiating or joining hot & innovative interest groups.

You’re probably used to introducing new thinking that becomes trends or trying out methods that end up changing the way we think about common practices everywhere. Most likely, you’ve probably come across local pre-natal preparation classes, but want something a bit more dynamic.

In fact, you have probably read about or visited a pre-natal class that is recommended (even in films) as the way to prepare you for birth.  Although the methods still leave you a bit disconnected. You likely know what I’m talking about, right? “Most expectant women should enroll in this prenatal class with their partner before birth.”

I am going to let you in on a little truth. 

There is no “way”. No one size fits all answer. No blueprint. There is no guarantee that if you take ___ class, you will get ___ result. 

It’s the promising message we all get. But I know you already understand this. So, why am I here then? Well, here’s the thing: If you want to feel sparked, creative and even confident on your whole journey through pregnancy, birth and entering motherhood, you have to create your own strategy and make YOUR OWN RULES. You have to find the methods and options that are relevant to your lifestyle and fit the nuances of your personal story. That is what I am here to help you do.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my own experience and from the most committed and passionate teachers in the global birthing sphere is to listen to what birthing women say *they* want. I will say that again. The best option for any birthing woman is what *she* wants. Intuitively (and practically) you know what you need to work through, you know your fears, you know your most authentic desires and your perceived limitations. My job is to know how to listen well, use my intuition and provide the most informed, evidence-based, guidance available to help her get to where she wants to be. My job is to help ignite her imagination and help her see what she would find as ideal.

To experience this for yourself, I welcome you to join the BIRTH to BIRTH Immersion.

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Limited spaces available.

©Camalo Gaskin| 2015