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1) Your FREE Webinar 

Wherever you are in the world, if you’re looking for a contemporary birth preparation course – an experience that really allows you to step into this new phase of your life with poise and confidence, I cordially invite you to  join my FREE online webinar on 25 September, 2014!

In the webinar I will be unleashing my storytelling magic and walking you through ACTIONABLE steps to plan a confident and informed pregnancy and birth. This is for anyone who is considering having a child or already expecting.

2) Your Boutique Berlin Service

For those in BERLIN, I’ve just launched an amazingly comprehensive boutique package (something I wish I had access to when I arrived) to guide pregnant mammas and new parents through everything you need to organize in order to feel at home and begin to re-focus on your new life amongst the layers of this fascinating city.

3) Your Circle in Berlin

If you are in Berlin, join the BIRTH to BERLIN facebook group – A space dedicated to build up dynamic conversation and heart felt support amongst pregnant, new mammas and their itinerant partners in going *beyond* the Kafkaesque bureaucracies to set up a vibrant life in Europe’s creative capital.


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