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My partner and I relocated from London to Berlin, less than a year ago, and quickly fell in love with the city and were delighted to find we were expecting out first child. Any expat will agree that negotiating German bureaucracy, especially when you don’t speak the language is a bit of a headache. This paired with the realisation that we were embarking on first-time parenthood, not to mention the journey of pregnancy and birth, away from family and friends, meant that in the early stages we felt a bit overwhelmed, and considered returning home.
In my second trimester, I met Camalo Gaskin, who changed everything. With her vast knowledge on birth and pregnancy, from practical advice on healthcare, getting a midwife, child benefits, maternity and parental rights, to holistic approaches to birth and breastfeeding, she quickly became a precious asset, and gateway to a confident, calm pregnancy, birth and first few weeks with our new baby girl.
If you find yourself in the position we did, pregnant, or with small children and without speaking suffient German, away from home and feeling like you need expert guidance I would highly recommend connecting with Camalo.
Jessica Hannan | Mum, Co-Founder, Code is the New Black
Samuel Bakowski | Dad, Marketing Manager Wimdu
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I contacted Camalo once I began to think about the possibility of having a child in the near future. I was planning a move from Toronto to Paris at the time and nervous about the prospect of moving forward with this big life decision, as well as having to navigate doing so in a country with completely different beliefs and practices when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and raising children. In particular, I was nervous that my wishes would not be honoured when it came to deciding how my child would be born (for example, if I wanted to have a home birth). Camalo consulted with m regarding all of my burning questions about pregnancy, childbirth and how to navigate the two in France. Her responses were all well researched, non-bias and helpful. She provided extremely valuable guidance around everything from what I can expect in terms of pain and physical recovery, and how to have my wishes honoured around the birthing experience in this new country. She even provided me with a handful of valuable contacts, such as midwives and other resources in France that she knew shared the same belief system as me. I felt comfortable to ask questions that I would not feel comfortable asking most people, and Camalo responded holistically and with compassion. I am eager to continue to consult with Camalo as I transition forward into a new phase of my life. My anxiety has shifted into confidence. She is a trusted advisor on the topic of birth around the world.

Laura L. | Registered Holistic Nutritionist 

In the over 20 years that I have had the pleasure of knowing Camalo, her insight, advice and sharing of resources has always been an incredible support in my life. She manages to gracefully combine deep compassion, clear-sighted feedback and an amazing ability to hold space for transformation and self-reflection. I am very lucky to have her as a friend, a cheerleader and a comrade on the path to becoming my full, fearless self. I whole-heartedly recommend that you take advantage of the priceless resource of her guidance as you navigate the big changes that becoming a mother, discovering a new community or starting a new career path will bring.

Susan Fauman | Mom, Ayurveda Educator, Yoga Instructor, and Artist.





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