B-School Updates List

One of my commitments is to only recommend resources that I’ve vetted myself and I know will serve you with high value. Marie Forleo’s B-School has been an invaluable resource and community for me in strategically building a business online, while meaningfully spending time with my daughter and son as they grow up in my sight. Living in a foreign country has also made this a priceless resource to grow professionally beyond the confines of language.

Marie is someone who has built one of the most successful online communities of (mostly) women growing profitable online businesses WITH PURPOSE. She has created an ethic where it’s clear that being yourself IS the new economy. She has used her success to sponsor many purpose driven projects around the world, including:

  • building 5 schools in 3 countries with the “for-purpose organization” Pencils of Promise, because she learned of the long-term importance of early childhood education.
  • funding 14 scholarships and educational programs in the US and in other nations, because she also recognizes disparages between access and poverty the world over.
  • supporting an organization that uses technology to connect marginalized people to dignified work, impacting over 2800 women in regions where these resources and opportunities are normally inaccessible.

Many of you already know me and understand that the impetus of my work is to support research and a vision for global improvements around childbirth, motherhood, and migration. Everything I invest in is driven by a greater purpose to make these big life transitions an experience where we feel informed and embraced.

For this reason, I am more than excited to have partnered with Marie to share her FREE Training Videos released this week.

Get ready to take notes. They will already set you up for creating your own work-life balance by growing your own online platform as a new parent, a birth worker, or as an expat seeking opportunities to support yourself wherever you are – in your own language.

Look out for the next video, I will be sending to your inbox in a few days.

Hope this serves you! And please share your thoughts or questions.

Marie Forleo Training Video 1 

In this video series you will learn:

Video # 1

  • 6 “Pillars” or critical aspects of building an online business that creates a regular income and profit.
  • Why being human, caring about others, and doing meaningful work already sets you up for a successful business venture.
  • Why establishing the online aspects of your business are so critical.
  • Why this current time is particularly ideal to shift to online platforms for your work – anywhere you are
  • What you need to understand and the sequence you should follow to make profit and do work that actually means something to you – using the internet.


Video # 2

  • The single most important factor to making an income — and an impact — online or anywhere. (Especially important to watch if you, like I did, have any beliefs about sales or marketing being sleazy and distrustful.)
  • Something Marie refers to as a “dirty little secret” to making millions. Listen close these are brilliant business pointers and service-oriented!
  • 13 straightforward, on-point strategies for having a business that thrives online. Many people miss these because they’re chasing “shiny objects.”

Stay tuned, I will be sharing more in the coming week that will be especially beneficial to you – new or new(ish) parents, birth workers, and expats.